CUSTOM MADE MUSIC is the pioneering new music series developed by composer and music education innovator Belinda Reynolds. Published by PRB Productions, it is designed to engage the imagination and nurture the practice of the student-level player. Ms. Reynolds’ music has received international acclaim from the pedagogy community and was featured in the journal for the Suzuki Association of the Americas.

What’s unique about this series? It really is “custom-made.” Working in collaboration with a top performer/instructor, Ms. Reynolds composes the music, then has actual students and teachers test it, adapting it to their technical capabilities. The result? Engaging instructional music that comes alive and stands on its own creative merits, infused with the input and energy of real students.

About Belinda Reynolds

Raised in a Texan Air Force family, Belinda Reynolds now considers herself an adopted Californian. She is an active composer, organizer and teacher with a singular passion for bringing new music to a variety of audiences and communities. Her music has been performed in dozens of countries around the world by such groups as The New Millennium Ensemble, US Army’s Brass Ensemble, Cecilia Quartet and Da Capo Players, and featured in such venues as Lincoln Center’s Great Performer Series and Weil Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall.


Ms. Reynolds completed her Doctorate at Yale University and received her M.A. and B.A. from the University of California at Berkeley. She is Vice President of the composers’ collective Common Sense and runs San Francisco-based HeShe Music, a private studio teaching composition, piano, theory and musicianship to beginners and professionals, many of whom have matriculated to successful careers in music.


Ms. Reynolds has served as Composer-in-Residence in the public schools and at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and as Artist-in-Residence at Banff Centre for the Arts, The MacDowell Colony, Aspen Music Festival and American Conservatory at Fontainebleu. 


Additionally, she has taught and guest-lectured for such schools as Dartmouth College and Yale University, and served on the state board of the Music Teachers National Association. Ms. Reynolds wrote a column for the American Music Center’s NewMusicBox, focusing on composing music for young players.


Ms. Reynolds’ music is published by Dover, HeShe Music, Kithara Editions, Les Productions d’OZ and PRB Productions. It has been commercially recorded by a number of performers and ensembles and can be found on the Albany, Innova and Trance recording labels, among others. Ms. Reynolds’ solo CD, COVER, featuring performances by some of today’s top musicians, was released in January 2006 on the Innova label (www.innova.mu). She has earned awards from such organizations as ASCAP, Meet the Composer, New England Foundation for the Arts, Mary Flagler Charitable Trust and International League of Women Composers. Ms. Reynolds also composes for other mediums, such as film and television.




PRB Productions, publisher of CUSTOM MADE MUSIC



Common Sense Composers Collective



HeShe Music is the publishing company of nationally award winning composers Dan Becker and Belinda Reynolds. Ranging from solo to chamber and orchestral works, we focus on bringing new concert music to today’s musicians. Our music is cutting edge, yet accessible to audiences and players alike. HeShe Music carried a varied repertoire of works for both professionals and young players. Regardless of your skills, you will be able to find music for you that is both fun and stimulating to play.



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